After Newark Bay Surge, 1000s of Cars Feared Lost

It has been a solid four weeks since Hurricane Sandy dragged itself through the lives of most of many who live either in New York, or any of the immediate surrounding areas. For the most part, there is still a massive cleanup effort going on and it will continue for months to come.

With that said, what happens of the damage that has been done to the thousands of cars in the Tri-state area? If you really take a moment to think about it, what about all of the thousands of cars that were trapped by the hurricane at the auto port based in Newark, N.J.? What has to happen to all of those cars?

Well after Hurricane Sandy devastated our area, a great number of automotive manufacturers are left with the daunting task of now adding vehicle-shipping quotes to their already growing list of financial loses. As it stands now, there were well over twenty thousand cars that need to be written off, and moved off the lot via vehicle transport.

It’s a very discouraging job to have to check off one car, after another, and then add them to the list of dead cars that may have only had 1-to-5 miles on the odometer. It is a real waste of good autos and hard to see how these cars are sitting in their spots slowly, and surely rusting away from the inside out.

Any good mechanic will tell you that if a car gets flooded, you might be able to save it, only if it is fresh water. In this case, it was nothing but pure unadulterated salt water that now has automakers like Ford, Volvo and Fisker looking for cheap vehicle transport prices to move their cars to God knows where.

In all reality, some of the automakers will have dependable vehicle transport companies bring their brand new pieces of lawn art, back home for a proper dismantling and salvaging of parts. In some instances, companies like Toyota, and Fisker only need find a local scrap vehicle hauling service for the reason that some of their hybrid cars burned down to nothing more than charred metal frames.

This bit of news is nothing that new when it comes down to hearing about how Hurricane Sandy tore the East Coast apart drowned tons of electronics, and snuffed out a few innocent lives during her rampage.

There were plenty of cars, trucks, and SUV’s that were swallowed up by this great storm, but even with knowing this fact, there is one thing that is surely more important. The fact that quite a few of us may have lost our cars, our vehicular loved ones to Sandy, we still have our lives. It is as simple as that.

Some of the local people, may need to hire a vehicle transport service, or even look into some vehicle transport rates, but at the end of the day, we’re still alive. New York, will recover from this and so will New Jersey. A little more time will heal these wounds, just a little more time.