Self-Driving Cars: Pizza Delivery Vehicles
of the Future?

At Autos In Transit, we are in the delivery business, broadly speaking. We provide cross-comparison quotes from the best names in the United States car shipment industry. Due to our heavy involvement with cars and delivery, it’s interesting to think about the nexus of the autonomous vehicle (a.k.a. driverless car) and the companies that ship […]

Pink Floyd Drummer’s Perspective on Car Collecting

At Autos In Transit, we are the top lead source nationwide for car transport. When collectors want to send a car to a show, they use services such as ours so that the vintage or collector car arrives at the exhibition in impeccable shape. We love reading about points of view on the collector auto […]

2014 Porsche 918 Spyder Receives Top Honors at Frankfurt Auto Show

In the business of shipping automobiles speedily and reliably, we know the importance of getting there fast while also not forgetting safety. We share those dual concerns with the world’s leading automakers, especially those producing groundbreaking sports cars. Porsche is one such example, designing cars that can be driven rapidly while not endangering lives on […]

Veterans Receive Free Cars Through
Cars 4 Heroes Program

At Autos In Transit, we believe firmly in honoring the service of America’s current military members and veterans. As a small token of our gratitude for the men and women of the Armed Forces, we give both active servicepeople and veterans a discount on any cross-country auto transport needs. It’s exciting for us to see […]

Electric and hybrid vehicles hit highest
sales figures ever

We frequently cover electric car news at Autos In Transit. Because we are the United States’s first choice for quotes on nationwide, cross-comparison auto shipping, many of our customers own electric vehicles (EVs). Anytime an EV needs to get across the country, transport is necessary because a national plugin infrastructure does not yet exist. For […]

Volkswagen plays electric vehicle catch-up
with two new models

The automotive marketplace changes rapidly, and that’s becoming even more the case now that electric technology is becoming increasingly prevalent. We experience the fast rate of change in quality and affordable state-to-state car transport as well: the competitive landscape means carriers come and go. Working with Autos In Transit means benefiting from long-standing relationships. Volkswagen […]

Five Affordable Vintage Cars

At Autos In Transit, we specialize broadly in the car shipping industry, finding the highest-quality companies for our customers. Because that’s our day-to-day reality, we know that classic cars and trucks often need transport to car shows or to avoid logging miles. We are also well aware that prices on classic cars can be prohibitive […]

Mud at Vermont Car Show Reveals Value
of Enclosed Shipping

Autos In Transit assists those booking reliable automotive shipping around the country, in some cases helping collectors ship cars to shows. Many owners of vintage cars like to show them off at car shows, where automotive enthusiasts appreciate the opportunity to see hundreds of classic vehicles in one place. Whenever a treasured car is showcased, […]

Limited-Edition Supercars Join the Electric Car Craze

Autos In Transit is centrally focused on providing reliable options for the transport of cars throughout the US. In that role, we appreciate the value that Americans place on their vehicles. Some people care more about their cars than others; but in a vast country where road trip and long-distance move possibilities are endless, it’s […]

Developing Technologically-Advanced Roads

As a company focused on directing consumers to the best and most affordable companies for nationwide car transport, we frequently discuss how cars are rapidly changing. Integration of the Internet with automobiles is creating more intelligent driving that avoids human error, improving safety mechanisms and bringing the self-driving car closer to public release. High-tech driving […]