Obama Speech Envisions Greener Automotive Future

Since our company offers services from top vehicle transporters, we closely watch the trend toward greener, more fuel-efficient cars. In an address made recently at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, Obama developed a series of ideas that would push the US car market toward more environmentally-friendly technology.

Obama’s address focused on three positive outcomes that would arise out of a move away from business-as-usual for the automotive field:

  1. an improved economic outlook
  2. a minimized environmental impact; and
  3. a tightening of our national security.

We know from our experience in the transport industry that any major decision is complex and involves a variety of factors, but safety and security are always paramount. That’s why transporting within enclosed trailers is chosen by so many of our customers.

Research Funding Crucial to Obama’s Plan

The price tag on Obama’s proposal is steep at $2 billion, but the good news is it relies on current funds. Fossil fuel royalties would be channeled into an Energy Security Trust; the trust would be used to develop cars with higher fuel economy and automotive fuels that generate less pollution. As with the automakers, companies that transport vehicles also are refining to meet greener demands.

The President asked researchers to improve cars and fuels in four basic ways:

  1. more sophisticated batteries to power electric vehicles (EVs)
  2. enhanced automotive energy-efficiency
  3. further strides into the application of biofuels
  4. creation of innovative alternative-energy technology .

One way that auto transporters try to be more energy-efficient is by shipping between fixed endpoints rather than driving to disparate addresses. Transporting between terminals is how carriers meet this objective.

Domestic Fuel Production on the Rise

The reason this plan is possible is because of an increase in the quantity of fuel being generated within our own borders – generating higher royalties for proposed use. There are two main ways in which Obama hopes to boost this domestic fuel production further:

  1. directing the Department of the Interior to fast-track permits to drill within the US
  2. injecting $375 million into more sustainable natural oil and gas solutions.

The President’s proposal represents a broad view encompassing all the various possibilities to power cars. We offer variety as well, aware each customer wants a shipping service that’s customized to meet unique needs: up to 8 competitive quotes for completing one quick form (top left), all bonded and insured, all DOT/FMCSA compliant.

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