Obama’s Budget Fuels Electric Vehicle Industry

Though we can debate how it should be funded, we like to see electric vehicles (EVs) on our affordable vehicle transport trucks and in the news. The development of the EV shows a commitment to innovation in the industry and to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels as we strive to transition to cleaner energy forms. A piece by Antony Ingram for The Christian Science Monitor details the sections of Obama’s proposed budget that target energy efficiency, both regarding research funding and tax credits.

Obama is at It Again!

There are two main ways in which electric vehicles are closely intertwined with vehicle shipping:

The short driving range of electric cars, also sometimes called zero-emission vehicles, between battery recharges means you have to use brokers or other vehicle shipping methods to move the car across the country, i.e., it can’t be driven because a national plugin grid doesn’t yet exist.

Surely car shows will start popping up more that focus explicitly on green automobiles. Here’s an example of a longstanding one. Car shows require transport services as well – typically enclosed so the car arrives pristine.

Two-Part Effort to Further Jumpstart EV Development

The two basic aspects of Obama’s effort involve an increase in the tax credit – so that people are further incentivized to purchase electric cars – and an increase in research funds. Let’s look at both of those aspects in a bit more detail and how this all relates to Interstate car transport:

Research funding: Through the Department of Energy (DOE), Obama would like to invest $575 million into research on electric vehicle and other clean energy technology immediately. He would also like to create a $2 billion trust fund to enable continued research moving forward. All this development would mean more innovation and more exciting collector vehicles shipped to shows.

Tax credits: Obama would also like to jack up the IRS tax credit for buying an electric vehicle to $10,000 (up $2500 from the current max credit). Obama has said previously that he would like to see a million plugin EVs on America’s roads by 2015. Now that looks unlikely – but this budget shows a continued commitment to drive the clean car industry forward.

How EVs Ship & More Immediate Cash

Part of shipping a vehicle across the country is figuring out whether to ship it in the open or to contain the automobile on an enclosed trailer . Typically when shipping an electric vehicle, because they are so treasured, the owner wants to use enclosed shipping – but open is more affordable.

The new rules proposed in the budget would make it easier for people to immediately receive cash back on cars. The rules would make it possible for dealerships to take advantage of the tax credits and then immediately apply the credit as a rebate on the price of the car. Buyers would then see savings immediately rather than having to wait until tax time the following year.

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