Oregon’s “Kool Coastal Nights” Show
Celebrates 21 Years

Kool Coastal Nights 2013As the nation’s foremost recommendation site for companies that haul cars throughout the US, we are fully immersed in the world of automobiles. One of the most enjoyable aspects of our involvement is the shows. Around the country, throughout the year, shows are presented of special cars for the appreciation of collectors, car aficionados, and general curiosity seekers.

One example of a longstanding and highly successful show is Oregon’s Kool Coastal Nights, held in the town of Winchester Bay. Each year in late August, close to 300 vehicles line the street along the Pacific Ocean. These types of cars can be incredibly unique and, hence, expensive. Because that’s the case, generally speaking, owners choose to use enclosed trailers for automotive shipping to enhance protection.

Prizes for Best Cars

Various prizes will be awarded at the Kool car show. Those categories are Best in Show, Best Car, Best Truck, Ladies’ Choice, Best Mustang, and Best 1955 to ‘57. The reason there is one specific to the late 50s is that the vintage cars are such a huge hit. Again looking at shipping, vintage and collectible cars are typically transported directly between doors rather than terminals.

The prizes given out at the event do not include cash, but trophies are presented. Winners of the various accolades also receive plaques that can be installed on the dashes of the cars. Determining the best in any field is not all that easy, especially because there are so many different perspectives. In our industry, it helps to look through a number of different auto shipping reviews, bearing in mind that everyone has a different experience.

Rules for Cars

The cars have three basic requirements to participate in the show: legals tags, active insurance, and a model year of 1978 or before. Some cars are considered “modified” (essentially custom-built) while others are considered “stock.” If a car has only one or two alterations, it is still considered stock. Similarly, companies that ship automobiles throughout the US have two main categories of service, from two angles: open (no container) vs. enclosed (container), and door-to-door (direct) vs. terminal-to-terminal (storage facilities).

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