Pink Floyd Drummer’s Perspective on Car Collecting

Pink Floyd Drummer Nick Mason and His PastimeAt Autos In Transit, we are the top lead source nationwide for car transport. When collectors want to send a car to a show, they use services such as ours so that the vintage or collector car arrives at the exhibition in impeccable shape. We love reading about points of view on the collector auto market because it enhances our own appreciation and understanding.

Recently, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason spoke with The Wall Street Journal about his collection, discussing how he got started and why his passion for automobiles is so strong. When people have strong feelings about cars or otherwise want added protection, auto shippers typically place the vehicles in enclosed trailers to secure them from harsh weather and other roadway dangers.

Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason: collector car racing

Nick Mason first became involved with the collector car market because he was fascinated with racing, a sensibility he shares with his father. When Nick was young, his father, who made films about racecars and raced them himself, brought Nick with him to internationally famous tracks. Obviously speed is a compelling factor for auto racing enthusiasts, as it is for those seeking services to transport their vehicles. However, safety should never be compromised.

Mason is a proud owner of more than three dozen antique vehicles. He initially purchased a car because he wanted to participate in races. The cash influx from Pink Floyd allowed him to gradually expand his fleet. Of course, not everyone is capable of buying dozens of cars. Financial constraints also impact what companies people choose to ship their automobiles. Our carriers range in price; but all are bonded, insured, and DOT-compliant.

Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason: collector car buying & selling

Mason says he is always buying and selling the cars: his collection is by no means rigid. One of his vehicles, a Ferrari 250 GTO, may be worth as much as $36 million. He says the experiences he has had in the car, not the price, make that one his favorite. Mason has not only raced the car but has also driven his daughters to their weddings in it. The car isn’t just about automotive history to him but personal history as well.

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