Project 100 Las Vegas: Tesla Model S & Transporting It

Downtown Project's Project 100!

Las Vegas is in for a change – and as that relates to the automotive industry, it is of particular interest to us since we provide a service to transport vehicles. Every day we transport vehicles for thousands of businesses and individuals between any locations in the United States or Canada. We aren’t just one service: we give up to eight quotes from companies we’ve been working with for over 20 years.

What is Project 100? The CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, and his team at Downtown Project are coming up with concepts to revitalize Las Vegas, with a focus on ecology and shared use. Downtown Project created Project 100 to focus on transportation concerns. Project 100 will include 100 of a number of different transportation alternatives which people have access to via a subscription service. Similar to the transportation alternatives allowed by the project, we offer alternatives as well by getting multiple quotes for vehicle transport.

How Tesla & Project 100 Relate to EV Transport

100 Tesla Model S cars will be used by Project 100 []. The car is one of the most exciting vehicles on the roads today. The Model S is the first luxury sedan that is 100% electric. It goes for just under $64,000 when a $7500 tax credit is taken into account. This sounds like a joke, but you can actually order it here with $5000 down on a credit card. Note that the Obama budget is attempting to increase that tax credit to $10,000, so potentially you want to wait until after that goes through if you’re considering purchasing.

Regarding electric cars, we ship many of them from state to state. For instance, if someone is trying to get an electric electric vehicle from California to New York, we offer a slew of transportation alternatives – open, enclosed, terminal-to-terminal, and door-to-door – providing a number of different quotes, all from high-quality companies we’ve picked out for their high levels of service and quality.

Reliability: Project 100 & Auto Transport

One of the main things that people are looking for with any transportation or transport service is reliability. Project 100 allows you to enter your request into a mobile app. After that request is made, the vehicle will be wherever you are in 10 minutes.

We know that reliability is important whether an automotive collector needs transport to an auto show or any individual needs vehicles moved quickly without having to supply drivers or add mileage to the cars.

Need Transport? If you need a car transported from one state to another, we can provide you up to eight quotes. We are reliable because we only recommend the best, and the most competitive rates to transport an automobile. Call us now at (800) 595-2062 or fill out our online form for an instant quote. We hope to hear from you today!