Rabbits May Cause You to Transport Your Vehicle from Denver International Airport

Small animals rarely require a person to have to transport a vehicle, but in Denver, the dirty work of rabbits can make that a possibility. According to reports from a local CBS affiliate and the national Fox New site, rabbits have been munching on vehicular wiring at the airport for some time. When a car becomes inoperable, it is often necessary to ship it, whether from Denver or wherever the damage occurred, to a desired location for servicing.

A History of Car Attacks

As far back as 1999, the Denver press has been covering rabbit shenanigans at the Colorado airport. At that time, the rabbits were chewing through wiring of machines used to deice planes. Fast-forwarding to today, a local resident who uses the airport frequently claimed to have twice had to make repairs to his car due to chewing by bunnies.

Rabbits are of course just one example of how a vehicle can become impossible to drive. Anytime a vehicle gets into an unusable state, it becomes necessary to consider other options to get it to a distant location. For instance, if your vehicle became inoperable in Colorado and you had to quickly get it to Georgia, you would have to look into transport options.

Responsiveness to Complaints

The administrators at Denver International Airport say that very few people ever make complaints about rabbits causing damage to their cars. They also say that USDA officials check the property regularly to see if any of them are in the vicinity, in which case they are trapped and ejected.

Minimizing complaints and responding to them immediately is, as we all know, a cornerstone of quality customer service. What that means is that if we do have a vehicle crisis and are far from home, we must look into car shipping options that won’t add insult to injury. Looking at less expensive options online can sometimes be the wrong choice, if service and quality are not values embraced by the shipping companies.

Quick & Easy Shipping Solutions

Not only can companies themselves sometimes give a customer a headache. So can the process of picking out the company in the first place. Those are both two points of focus for our service: only working with companies that provide stellar customer support and value on every transport, and making the process of comparing and choosing a transport option as simple as possible.

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