Ram 1500 Wins 3rd All-Star Award in 4 Years

All-Star Award Ram 1500 Laramie LonghornAs one of the top services for the transport of Ram trucks and general advocate of vehicle transporters around the United States, we take in a wide range of information related to the automotive industry every week. We are both personally and professionally interested when a car gets an accolade or any other recognition of greatness.

One example is the recent All-Star designation given to the Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn by Automobile Magazine . This prize is almost a three-peat for the Ram 1500: it’s the fourth such award the vehicle has received in four years, this one for a completely redesigned 2013 version of the 1500. Checking that quality is maintained at automakers is important for automotive journalism; similarly, transport quoting sites can keep track of which open and enclosed automotive shippers deserve your business.

Editorial Consensus & Value of the Designation

Over a dozen editors and contributors to the publication determine whether All-Star status is given to a vehicle, so it’s a stringent process. In our industry, stringency of vetting is enhanced when an automotive shipping broker or comparison quote service checks carriers for bonding, insurance, and DOT compliance.

The Ram and 10 other models were the only 2013 vehicles that received the distinction from Automobile Magazine. In fact, if you want an All-Star pickup, the 1500 is your only option. The Longhorn Crew Cab is described by the magazine as having a smoother ride – especially on rough terrain – because it’s an 8-speed automatic, and you can add active air suspension (similar technology to that used in the best car Consumer Reports says it’s ever tested, the Tesla Model S) if you want.

If you have the Ram 1500 or another highly valued vehicle, it’s best to ship it within a container when you’re figuring out how to ship your car between US states. That’s called enclosed, rather than open, shipping.

Ram Dealer Perspective & Transport Options

Tom Barenboim, a Ram dealer in Massachusetts, says that this year’s 1500 is a huge success in multiple ways. The ride is better, so passengers will be happy about that. It’s also sleaker, and hence more fuel-efficient, at high speeds. Barenboim also notes the high-tech upgrades to its interior.

Tom can help you if you need a Ram in Massachusetts. Similarly, if you need automotive shipping in Massachusetts or elsewhere in the US, fill out the quick quote form at the top, and up to 8 carriers will compete for your business, lowering your price. Call us with any questions.