Self-Driving Cars: Pizza Delivery Vehicles
of the Future?

Robotic DeliveryAt Autos In Transit, we are in the delivery business, broadly speaking. We provide cross-comparison quotes from the best names in the United States car shipment industry. Due to our heavy involvement with cars and delivery, it’s interesting to think about the nexus of the autonomous vehicle (a.k.a. driverless car) and the companies that ship and deliver goods.

Clearly, safety is the utmost priority for us, as it hopefully is for all those in the car transport business. We can’t see professional drivers getting replaced anytime soon by robot cars that drive themselves. However, the self-driving car science is developing fast, and perhaps one day these vehicles will be used to deliver pizzas and perform other short-range deliveries.

Typically when a company has a valuable vehicle such as the Google Self-Driving Car, an enclosed carrier is used to ship the automobile across the country. That same mode of transport is favored by anyone who wants added protection.

Self-driving cars: how long is the road?

It’s probably shocking to most Americans to find out that the route to the driverless car is not very long. Google has conducted road testing (on real public roads, as allowed by California state law) that exceeds 400,000 miles. The countdown to the release of robot cars to everyday consumers is now estimated at four years; that’s the general consensus of auto manufacturing and tech insiders.

New technologies capture our sense of childlike wonder. That captivating quality, though, does not necessarily mean that what’s novel is safe. At Autos In Transit, we believe in the history of long-standing relationships. That’s why we’ve partnered with the services we use to ship automobiles for as long as two decades.

Self-driving cars: the end of driver mistakes?

The robot car is scary to consider because we aren’t used to the idea of a car that can “interact” with its environment. However, advocates for the vehicle believe it will reduce human error. Recognizing driver fallibility, many snowbirds choose to transport their vehicles when going back and forth between two homes. Long road trips can be exhausting, and fatigue is when accidents tend to occur.

If the autonomous car truly is safer than having a human behind the wheel, businesses will not only avoid the labor expenses associated with hiring drivers but accident costs as well.

Everyone wants to avoid accidents. When shipping a valuable possessions such as a car, safety is at the top of the priority list too. At Autos In Transit, we know the basic concerns of our customers and meet their expectations. Try us out now: all of our nationwide automotive transport options are licensed and bonded. To reduce your price, up to eight will compete for your business.