Shake up in the 2013 Sprint Cup Series

Get ready for a shakeup in the stock car racing sport of NASCAR. Top drivers like Jeff Gordon are test driving the new Gen-6 car and loving it! They transported the new Gen-6 utilizing the reliable services of covered carriers.

The Gen-6 for 88

“As a driver, I like it better,” he said. “I think it’s better racing. And you’re going to have to drive the cars, be careful putting yourself in certain positions. Cars are going to have to handle a little better than they have in the past. Those are all very positive things.”

The Gen-6 model will sport a new look and new technology to help keep the cars closer together when racing on the short 1.5 mile tracks. This year’s Sprint Cup Series is sure to be a tight race when the new Gen-6 models travel cross country and make their debut.

Brand New Look

One of the biggest changes in the Gen-6 car is a new distinctive look for each of the three brands. The Toyota models will be based of the Camry, the Chevy models base off the Chevrolet SS, and the Ford models off the Ford Fusion.

These changes will make each car have a distinctive and individual look, much different than last season’s where each model sported a similar body style. It was hard to tell the difference between the different brands as the zoomed around the tracks. This season we can expect brand awareness and individuality for each model to shine outwardly.

A Clean Slate

With the unique changes and individuality of this year’s new Gen-6 model, each racing team will have to create a completely new car. Teams must begin building from the ground up and parts are limited. Thus making it difficult for bigger and higher sponsored teams to have an advantage. Each team is only allowed to test the Gen-6 car for four sessions, no matter how many cars they sponsor.

Even Playing Field

With each NASCAR team having to build from a clean slate, the sport is hoping to even the playing field this year. Watch out for the underdog! Teams that have been dominating for years are sure to be surprised as advances in technology are helping create a more level playing field.

Aerodynamic Changes

The aerodynamic changes to the new Gen-6 body style will mean changes in the way the drivers drive. Tandem race drafting at dangerous tracks like Daytona and Talladega may be a thing of the past.

An early crash during the first practice runs at Daytona with the new Gen-6 cars occurred when Dale Jr. bumped Marcos Ambrose into the wall. With the Daytona race just weeks away, drivers may have to change the way they approach drafting at these fast tracks in order to make it to the finish line.

More Excitement

NASCAR hopes the new model will also take away the aero dependency seen in the older models. Last year when a driver made it out to the front of the pack, the clean air helped them pull ahead. Paired with better handling, new tires, and a more mechanical grip, the sport is sure to be more exciting as drivers will have to fight for places in the race to the 2013 Sprint Cup. Wonder if they ever considered adding this type of aerodynamics to their enclosed carriers?

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