Does a Smart Car Deliver Real Value for Your Money?

Nicolas Hayek, the Lebanese-born inventor and entrepreneur of the Swatch watch fame, is credited with giving birth to the idea of smart cars. These cars are designed to be smaller, more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendlier, and easier to park. They are touted as the “ultimate” in-city vehicles. Eight years ago, Daimler-Benz, Hayek, and Swatch came together to come up with this unique vehicle called a Smart car. The word “Smart” was, in fact, meant to be a combination of “Swatch, Mercedes, and Art.”

The idea of a smart car could also inspire associated auto services such as the auto shipping industry to come up with innovative, more efficient and environmentally responsible solutions. Customers are constantly looking for the cheapest auto transport prices when they need to transport an automobile from one state to another. More efficient and economical ways to transport vehicles can help deliver better value for money for the consumers. The goal of the industry must be not to create the cheap auto transport environment by reducing the quality of services, but the most efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions.
Smart Car at the Pump

Fuel Efficiency and Low Emissions

The Smart car project saw the exit of Swatch and Hayek in the early days when the initial sales volumes turned out to considerably slower than anticipated. That left Daimler-Benz as the exclusive owner, and today Smart is an important part of its Mercedes car division. The turnaround in the Smart project came with the continued rise in fuel prices, which compelled consumers to consider the option of a Smart car. With new demand for such vehicles from every day consumers, Daimler-Benz introduced the Smart car in the U.S. market at the beginning of this year.

Light Weight

Interestingly, the smaller size of the car, which is nearly half the size of the traditional car, turned out to be a bigger attraction for the consumers due to its practicality and convenience of driving and parking. The Environmental Project Agency of the United States has given a fuel efficiency rating of 33 mpg for in-city driving and 41 mpg for highway driving. Since the size and weight of the Smart car is much less, it also costs proportionately less if you need to hire haulers to transport your vehicle. Whether the customer is looking for door to door or terminal to terminal auto transport services, shipping rates are considerably lower in either case.

These cars are better for urban environments, shorter distances, and so forth. They may not be the safest vehicles for driving from Dallas to Kansas City in, for example.

High Demand for Smart Cars

With the continued escalation of fuel costs on poor people all the way up the economic spectrum because of environmental rules and restrictions, the demand for Smart cars has been going up so much so that the U.S. distributors are finding it difficult to meet the current demand. These cars, which sell in the price range of $12,000 and higher, have long waiting lists at nearly 50 Mercedes Benz dealers across the country. They are wonderful for college students for instance and perhaps even their professors.

Safe and Affordable Auto Transport

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