Snags Complicate Police Transition
to New Technology

Nebraska PoliceAs the nation’s top source for affordable automotive transport, we watch the news for anything related to our industry. Any time new designs or innovative technologies are released, we want to be among the first to know: it both enhances our business perspectives and fascinates us as consumers.

Implementation, though, is not always easy. An example of the hurdles organizations can encounter when making improvements to vehicles is the recent effort to upgrade the technology of police cruisers in Grand Island, Nebraska. The city ran into difficulties with a dozen cars it was optimizing for law enforcement. In our industry, difficulties can be avoided by checking reviews of transporters and using a service that pre-vets credentials (as ours does).

Laptop-Friendly & Adjustable Seats

The reasoning behind changes to the Ford Police Interceptors in Grand Island was actually twofold: improve technological access and expand seating capacity. The high-tech effort involved creating a better console so that an officer can both have Web access within the car and can easily detach a PC to complete reports outside the vehicle. That latter feature allows police work to be conducted enclosed or in the open. Auto shipping can be open or enclosed as well.

The consoles did not prove to be difficult to install. The challenges arose with efforts to improve the seating capacity of the cars. The idea was to fill only part of the back seat with a cage, allowing the front passenger to move her/his seat forward and back. When tested, however, the passenger seats were immovable and stuck all the way forward. Rates for transporters can be “stuck” as well – unnecessarily high. Pitting different carriers against one another with multiple simultaneous quotes reduces your cost (one reason people choose us).

Solving the Problem & Choosing Transport

The difficulties in getting the new police cars back out on the road was not complicated to solve. However, the delay meant that the cruisers were sidelined much longer than expected. New, smaller cages had to be ordered to allow the front passenger a reasonable amount of legroom.

In Grand Island, the car change quickly became complex. Everyone likes simplicity. If you are looking for an automotive shipping broker or other service to move your car nationwide, we can greatly simplify that process. See above for a Quick Quote. You can also call us, and we will walk through the process with you.