Snowbirds Auto Transport Their Cars Back Home to Save Time, Money & Effort

Transporting a car from Florida to the northern states may be a tough task during snowbird season. Lucky for you, here at Autos In Transit, we specialize in snowbirds auto transport. Our main agenda is to assist snowbirds auto transport their cars back to their summer homes during the months of March through May. We can also help you during the fall season when we transport cars to Florida or another warm climate. Please visit our Snowbirds Auto Transport Cars to Florida article for important information regarding transport during the winter months.

Most Popular Snowbirds Auto Transport is Florida to New York

Snowbirds Auto Transport from Florida to New York | Autos In Transit (800)595-2062Florida to New York is one of our most popular snowbirds auto transport route during this time of the year. Autos In Transit is capable of transporting dozens of vehicles up and down the I-95 corridor via our reputable on-call auto transport brokers and carriers. We maintain a record of excellence because of our reputation in the auto shipping industry. We hold ourselves accountable, and pride ourselves in transporting your vehicle as safely and securly as possible. Utilizing the expertise of the people behind Autos In Transit will benefit you in the long run. Give us a call, and let us earn your business by providing you with quality customer service.

Snowbirds Auto Transport from Florida to Michigan, Too!

Snowbirds Auto Transport from Florida to Michigan | Autos In Transit (800)595-2062Another popular route is Florida to Michigan auto transport. One of their main interstates, I-75, runs from Florida all the way up to Michigan. Over the past 9 years we have been servicing this route, and everything in-between. Transporting your vehicle saves you time from the long driving hours. Saves you money for the food, gas, and lodging you would need. It also saves you effort from worrying about certain weather conditions or conditions of the road in your specific route. Allow us to transport your car, and your vehicle will be placed on a 6-10 auto transport carrier that is regulated for safety by the United States Department of Transportation giving you ease for transporting your vehicle. All carriers are fully insured up to $1,000,000 per truck. In the spring of 2011, Autos In Transit assisted over 1300 people just like you to transport their cars from Florida. In the fall of 2011, we moved nearly 1700 vehicles southbound. it is obvious we know what we are doing. Whether it is Naples, West Palm Beach or St. Petersburg, we reach out to all locations in the sunshine state, and can transport your vehicle to your destination of choice in the United States.

Book Your Snowbirds Auto Transport Later & Save!

Snowbirds auto transport a vehicle from Florida during the spring must realize the cost will range in the higher rate category due to the bottleneck of people requesting a transport. The size of the vehicle and the route the vehicle must be taken will weigh heavily on your auto transport quotes. Want to know a secret? Well, of course you do. If you’re looking to save $100 or more, the prices will begin to drop around late May. The snowbirds auto transport bottleneck previously mentioned begins to seize. If you would like a precise auto transport quote, give us a call at 800-595-2062 or use the quote form on the right to receive free quotes to your email.