Superstorm Sandy Salvage Cars
Selling Across the Country

Sandy Under the HoodAs the top source in the United States for consumers seeking door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal car shipping services, we know the high importance of legitimacy and credibility in the automotive market. Whenever we see potential wrongdoing, we try to draw attention to it so that people buying cars or using shipping services are less likely to run into problems.

One recent example is the market for cars damaged in Hurricane Sandy. Over 250,000 vehicles in over a dozen different states were damaged by the storm, per statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and those numbers don’t include uninsured motorists. Many of the owners may have purchased the vehicles without knowing their history. In shipping, you can make sure your service is of high quality by checking automotive shipping reviews.

Look for the Word “Salvage”

These vehicles will continue to circulate in the used car market throughout the country. Attorney Generals in some states are alerting the public to be more vigilant when shopping for cars at used-car lots and online. In the car shipping industry, it’s crucial to check a variety of different carriers before making a selection. Many consumers use auto shipping directories for this purpose.

Typically the Sandy cars have experienced flooding. If that is the case, the car’s title should include the word “Salvage.” It is legal in the United States to auction and sell salvage vehicles as long as their status is explicitly listed on the title. Buying a car or ordering any service related to a car can be confusing, and no one wants to make the wrong choice. When looking into how to ship a car, your role becomes easier when you work with a partner that checks for bonding, licensing, and DOT/FMCSA compliance.

Looking Up a Specific Car

Cars damaged by Sandy may have stood in as much as 4 feet of briny sea water. Though these cars are said to have been “salvaged,” according to the Columbus Dispatch, they “are ruined.” No one ever wants damage to occur to their vehicle. In shipping, anyone wishing to protect a highly valued vehicle should use enclosed shipping – standardly used for shipping collector cars, for instance.

If you want to check a used car to make sure it’s not on the Sandy list, go to and select VINCheck. If you need a transport service to guide you to numerous high-quality options, Autos In Transit can give you up to eight quotes. Additionally, we check all the legal credentials to ensure whatever carrier you choose is credible. It’s simple: just fill out the quick “Free Quote” form above.