Suzuki Done with Selling Cars in the USA

American Suzuki Motor Corporation is filing for bankruptcy in the USA and will no longer sell automobiles in the 48 contiguous states (all but Alaska and Hawaii). The company is refocusing its efforts on motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and watercraft, per recently released information from the company. Some of the language of his message relates to other aspects of the automotive industry; we’ll make a few references to national auto transport.

Motorbike & Motorcycles Getting More Attention

ASMC’s Chairman, Takashi Iwatsuki, announced this new move, addressing himself directly to Suzuki motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, and watercraft customers. The primary focus of his statement is that there will be no interruption in business and no changes – other than higher prioritization – for the non-automobile branches of the company. Suzuki will also continue to market itself widely via motorbike and motorcycle racing – a continuation of its current practices. As Suzuki cars and trucks become more limited, wise businesspeople will look into transporting the car from state to state to deliver it to the best possible markets for sale.

Over 100 Years of Business

Suzuki has been in business since 1909. Its first motorcycles were manufactured in the 50s, in which it released the Diamond Free (1953), which had the basic look and feel of a bicycle, and the Colleda COX (1955), which had the style and structural integrity we tend to associate with the modern motorcycle. Antiques such as these require special care. When looking at moving a treasured motorcycle or
understanding how to transport across country, it’s important to find a reliable firm.


Suzuki sponsors a number of professional racers, including Josh Hill, who is new to the lineup in 2013. The company also builds corporate giving into its relationship with sponsored riders. In November 2012 Chris Ulrich raised over $6000 in a fundraiser: he did so by taking 71 people each for a 6.9 mile ride at Fontana, California’s Auto Club Speedway. Fundraising is a good way to give.

Expenses Just Too High in the United States

According to Iwatsuki, Suzuki decided to shut down American automobile sales due to flagging volume, a low model quantity, and difficulties specific to operation in the United States — the general expenses of operation in a highly competitive economic climate and the necessity of complying with strict laws and codes. The issue of expense also relates to acquiring quality, online quotes, which can significantly decrease costs.

Current drivers of Suzuki automobiles will not be left out in the cold, according to the release. Cars currently with dealers in the United States are still available for sale, and Suzuki hopes to maintain its relationship with these customers throughout their ownership of a Suzuki vehicle.

We Still Ship in the United States

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