Tesla Victory at New York Supreme Court

Tesla has been battling laws in New York and Texas to sustain its sales model. A victory by the company at the New York Supreme Court was covered by Mark Rechtin for Automotive News. Let’s look at that court battle and how finding a service to transport a car is related.

The primary way in which transport and the legal battle are connected regards competition. Just as lawsuits are sometimes used to go after competition – as Tesla experienced – finding ways to use competition to get consumers and businesses lower prices is a healthy part of the capitalistic marketplace. For instance, using multiple companies’ quotes to transport cars can increase quality and affordability.

The Franchised Dealer Act vs. Transport Competition

The debate over whether Tesla is operating within the confines of the law is reasonable. Nonetheless, this lawsuit in the state of New York did not hold up in its highest court. The decision – written by New York Supreme Court Justice Raymond J. Elliott III – stated that the Franchised Dealer Act does not constitute grounds for lawsuits between different companies.

Like Tesla, we do a lot of business in New York as well. Our New York vehicle transport picks up and delivers cars and ships them between storage facilities and direct addresses in New York and throughout the United States and Canada. Rather than going after competitors, we bring all of the competition to the table so that the client gets the best possible rate. This means that the client is in charge: you get the best possible deal, with up to eight different companies competing.

Direct Sales & Tesla in the Texas Legislature

A similar battle could heat up in the state of Texas. Transporting cars in and out of Texas provides a big part of our business as well: any major changes in automotive law in either state will have far-reaching impact throughout the automotive industry.

What was the Tesla New York case? The Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association brought the lawsuit in New York against Tesla because the organization believes Tesla’s factory-direct model is illegal. Because the factory-direct sales approach is convenient and means that car buyers do not need to visit a dealership in order to purchase a car, the association is concerned that this might in fact constitute unfair competition that will negatively impact dealerships.

Tesla is currently lobbying the Texas Legislature to try to change the law so that it doesn’t see another lawsuit in that state. Fighting court battles is time-consuming and expensive even if you can defend yourself against a monetary judgment.

As stated above, we offer as fair of competition as we possibly can. We not only provide all different types of transport – open and enclosed vehicle shipping, as well as door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal transport – but also give you up to eight different companies’ quotes to choose from. We choose the companies that we represent very carefully, which is why our service is five-star rated [link to rating page]. Get an instant quote now or call us for assistance anytime at (800) 595-2062.