Texas Gets a Taste of Formula One Cars

Absent from the United States since 2007, the Formula One racing series recently traveled to Austin, Texas, for the second to last event of its season. The trip to Austin marks the beginning of a renewed effort to develop a stronger presence in the United States. Racing companies, like many businesses and individuals, sometimes need to transport cars long distances.

Formula One’s Guidelines Atypical

Formula One has unusual rules compared to what American auto racing fans normally experience. The race by rule cannot last more than 120 minutes, so if no car has traveled 190 miles in that time allotment, the race ends abruptly. If you want consistency when you need to transport a vehicle to Texas or elsewhere, be sure to choose a reliable carrier.

Changes in Promotion

When Formula One originated, its purpose was to sell the automobiles themselves. The race was essentially an opportunity to promote the fastest, most impressive vehicles available. That has now changed to what is partially a non-automaker sponsorship model.

Carmakers like Ferrari and Mercedes still represent vehicles; but like NASCAR, some drivers use external sponsors. One example is Red Bull, which has poured money into its Formula One car, making it one of the best vehicles on the circuit. The company is not averse to backing high risk activities, recently funding a daredevil to skydive to earth from the edge of outer space. Generally folks prefer low risk when it comes to protecting their investments, so they choose a reliable professional to ship a vehicle to Florida or any other state.

Weighing In

Similar to boxers, Formula One racing teams must weigh in. It is unacceptable to be less than 1409 pounds, including the weight of the driver. If the vehicle and driver do not meet the minimum requirement, weight must be added to make up the difference.

Pit Stops

Another major difference between Formula One and NASCAR is that the vehicles do not need to stop for fuel. A Formula One vehicle carries on average 55 gallons, which allows it to go the distance. Everyday individuals and businesses need cars to go the distance from California to New York and thousands of locations in between.

Transporting Cars is What We Do!

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