Texas to New York Auto Transport

Our transport trucks crisscross the country every day, allowing our customers in every state of the contiguous United States to find affordable and reliable options to ship their cars and trucks. One of the most common routes we take is between two of the most populous states in the union – picking up vehicles in Texas and dropping them off in New York.

Honda’s Green Initiative

We’re seeing more and more environmentally friendly cars assigned to transport in recent years, both fully electric models and hybrids. We are also responsible for shipping thousands of Honda automobiles each year, to New York and throughout the country. Because of the environmental trend and our continuous encounters with the Honda brand, we were excited to see a recent article in The New York Times detailing the automaker’s creative approach to hook green consumers: discounted pricing on home solar-power installations.

If this approach works, we expect environmentally minded car buyers to hire vehicle shipping brokers for transport if the program is unavailable in their area. However, in many cases for residents of the boroughs of New York City (those living in apartments and condos), residential environmental upgrades are unfortunately impossible or highly unlikely. For this reason, Honda’s solar discount program will be of more interest to those in upstate New York. Upstate residents, then, will have more use for our comparison vehicle shipping directory with regards to this specific incentive program.

The Green Auto Movement Hits Home

The Honda program is in some senses ingenious. As it’s presented, the program is simply a special offer for Honda customers and dealers to take advantage of SolarCity residential solar packages. The pricing structure, though, is what gets interesting.

Many Honda customers will be able to purchase the solar systems with little or no money down. These customers will be easily identified when their credit is pulled as they apply for automotive loans and leases: it will be efficient to tell who is creditworthy for an additional large purchase (even when offered at a steep discount, full-scale implementation of solar panels and processing systems is pricey).

Where Honda is really earning a feather in its cap as an environmental company is that it is extending financing for these projects itself, not through a third party. The automaker is releasing $65 million worth of credit to its customers to finance these environmentally friendly home power installations. This partnership is of particular interest as a cultural trend: it could mean a gradually opening door for interplay between large corporations and solar leasing firms such as SolarCity.


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