Thomas Edison, the Electric Vehicle, & Auto Transport

The auto transport industry is changing rapidly, and Thomas Edison has an interesting relationship to a particular trend. More and more electric vehicles (EVs) are hitting the market in the United States, which means there is an increasing need for quality vehicle shipping options to get them from place to place. Transporting vehicles becomes increasingly important with electric vehicles, due to their generally short driving range.

Who Invented the Electric Vehicle (EV)?

THE Thomas EdisonIn 2013, numerous companies are making technological advances related to the electric vehicle. These advances will increase the cars’ driving range and improve environmental sustainability throughout the automotive industry. Amazingly, Edison was granted a patent for an electric vehicle in 1904. He was the owner of seven patents related to electric automobile technology, which he attained between 1884 and 1912.

For now, electric vehicles have an extraordinarily short driving range. This lack of range means that when an owner of one of the vehicles – whether an individual or an automaker – needs to get the vehicle across the country, they seek comparative shipping options to ensure the vehicles get to their destinations safely.

Auto transport is especially important for electric vehicles because they are so dearly appreciated for their fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability. Consistency and value are mandatory requirements.

Finding Options that Work

Thomas Edison famously said at one point that he had not failed to create a light bulb, but rather had tested 10 thousand unworkable ideas. In essence, he meant that his failures were “discoveries.” What is particularly impressive about his patent is that his ideas were correct. In fact, it details the functionalities of an electric vehicle with long-range capabilities, similar to the higher-maximum-mileage models currently on the market.

Due to the range limitations of EVs, even the ones at the top end of the spectrum, auto transport is an integral part of the electric car market in the United States. Those wishing to ship electric vehicles across the United States desire the same outcome as Thomas Edison once did: a workable option. For this reason, they seek a combination of service, quality, and value in transport companies.

If Edison had a Car, We’d Transport It!

Edison was considered a genius because he came up with so many ideas that are still in development to this day. His concepts continue to have relevance throughout many industries, even auto transport.

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