Top electric cars for 2013

As the best source for cross-comparison rates on auto shipping in the United States, we are becoming more familiar with the electric car market all the time. Electric vehicles, also called EVs, are frequently shipped coast-to-coast due to the lack of a nationwide infrastructure for recharging.

Electric CarElectric cars are finally starting to find a market. Car buyers in their 20’s have started to take zero-emission vehicles more seriously as their prices have dropped and their driving ranges have expanded. Many EV buyers, it turns out, are first-time car buyers. Estimates suggest 10,000 sold in August.

EV purchasers want to buy from car companies that have their interests at heart. The same can be said for anyone ordering transport, which is why checking credibility via reviews is so important.

Environmentally friendly cars: general categories

Green-conscious consumers have three basic options: standard gas/electric hybrids, plug-in gas/electric hybrids, and 100% electric cars. The hybrids are very similar, both taking gasoline, differing only in the option to repower the car at an electrical outlet.

A fully electric car, on the other hand, depends entirely on its batteries to operate. Owners of electrics often value their cars enormously, which is why they use services that transport the cars directly between doors (rather than storage terminals) when shipping.

Three top electric cars this year

Here are three top electric cars. Note that there is now a $7,500 IRS credit on EVs, so you can essentially discount that amount from the below prices.

  1. Tesla Model S – $69,900. This car is the all-star of the pack: it’s capable of going 300 miles at highway speed without recharging, and Consumer Reports rated it 99 points out of a possible 100. Of course, its relatively steep price leaves it out of the range of most young consumers. A range of quality and prices exists among companies that ship automobiles cross-country as well, which is the reason we provide up to eight quotes.
  2. Nissan LEAF – $28,800. Nissan’s car can go 75 miles on one charge. That’s abysmal related to Tesla, of course; but it’s affordable. Plus, the new model repowers twice as fast as earlier models did.
  3. Mitsubishi i-MiEV – $29,125. The Mitsubishi model is only capable of 62 miles. However, it seats four people, and it’s small and efficient for in-city use.

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