Toyota Diversifies Its Prius Lineup

The 2013 Prius Lineup!

The Toyota Prius was successful enough among a small audience that Toyota is using it as a basis for spinoff vehicles – a wagon called the Prius V, a subcompact called the Prius C, and the Prius Plug-in Hybrid. Moving these or any other valued vehicles from state to state with a third-party requires a review of trustworthy vehicle transport options – which we will discuss as well.
All of the Prius spinoff vehicles share the hybrid capabilities of the original – fueling the car both with gas and electricity. When in idle and when moving slowly, the car relies entirely on the latter.

Modeled for Functionality

The Prius is a practical vehicle – its style is modeled around functionality rather than fun. In other words, it echoes the serious tone of the often passionate environmentalists who are its customers. Similarly, when you are looking for delivery to your front door, you want to know that the transport company has your needs in mind.

Fuel efficiency with all four of the Prius models is incredible – an average of 55 miles per gallon. The power of the entire lineup is unimpressive, but then again, power is not expected (or necessarily desired) by its audience.

Affordable Price

The standard Prius starts at just under $25,000. The wagon, or V, can be purchased for an extra $2540 – this decreases fuel efficiency a bit but increases all the measurements to allow a more comfortable ride for passengers and more room for luggage. The subcompact, or C, on the other hand, sells for just under $20,000 – but the legroom in the back is bad. Price considerations can be complicated with auto transport as well, so looking at transport companies’ quotes side-by-side will make it easier to assess your various options.

Pick to Fit Your Personal Needs

Deciding between the different models of Prius is about your personal needs. If you do not drive too often and are single or have a small family, the subcompact C is your best option. The wagon V makes sense if you have a family with teenagers that might require more leg room and space. The original Prius model is in between, and the Plug-in Hybrid is primarily a personal choice – if you would prefer to get your power entirely through the electrical grid whenever possible. A similar consideration occurs when people compare open versus contained transport options for their vehicles.

When In Doubt, Ship It!

If you are thinking about moving a Prius or any other type of vehicle, our service can help. We vet the companies for you so that you don’t have to – only recommending ones that are friendly, reliable, and efficient. We also broker for better transport costs because all the companies are competing head-to-head for your business. Get a quick quote here by filling out the form or give us a call at (800) 595-2062 with any questions.