Toyota Plans to Boost its Line-up of Green Cars

Toyota Motor has announced its plans to launch a new range of 21 hybrid vehicles over the next three years. This will be in addition to a new electric car expected towards the end of this year, and another fuel cell vehicle in the next two years. Automakers are experiencing a surging consumer demand for environment-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles considering unnecessary high gas prices that are blasting people at the gas pump who can barely afford it.

Related industries such as the car hauler transport industry are also gearing up to upgrade their auto transporter skills and equipment to keep pace with the growing consciousness about fuel efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Car transporting companies expect better business in the future if they position themselves as environmentally responsible shippers.

Toyota’s Electric Car

Toyota iQToyota is planning to roll out a new electric compact named eQ, which will be based on its iQ model. The new model will be launched in December in Japan and the United States. The car will be known by the name of iQ EV in the U.S. Even though the price tag appears to be stiff at $45,000, the low costs of running and a cruise range of 62 miles are likely to attract the attention of pro-environment customers who have deep pockets and plan on keeping this car for about 6 to 8 years so they can actually break even. Many people believe though it would be much easier to give energy companies more freedom, bring more oil to the market, creating more jobs, while keeping fuel prices in America less than $2 per gallon.

A Green Attraction

Vehicle transport services can differentiate themselves from the competition with environment-friendly business policies. For instance, they offer car shipping leads to consumers which not only have cheap car shipping rates, but also adopt environmentally responsible approaches to shipping. Some of the discerning customers may also ask questions such as: “How can I ship my car to another state in the most environment-friendly manner?” This is where auto transport lead providers can connect the customer with shippers that follow green shipping processes.

Green Technology Expertise

Automakers such as Toyota are more confident about achieving a profitable business with green vehicles because of their existing market reputation as experts in green automotive technologies. The world’s most popular gas-electric hybrid, the Prius, came from the stable of Toyota, which has helped create an image of Toyota in the consumers’ minds as a green technology specialist company. However, Toyota’s competitors are also not far behind in working on green technologies. For instance, Nissan Motor Company has pinned high hopes on its Leaf electric car, which will compete for market share with Toyota.

In the Japanese market, hybrid car makers enjoy subsidies from the government, which has helped Toyota dominate the domestic hybrid car market in the country. At present, hybrids comprise almost half of Toyota’s annual car sales in Japan. From the point of view of auto haulers, they need to find better solutions regarding how to transport a car to another state using greener technologies. This is going to be one of the important factors in the future for the competitive auto transport service industry.

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