Transporting Electric Vehicles to Auto Shows

The options for electric vehicles on the United States market are growing. However, most folks still are not sold on cars lacking internal combustion engines. As popular as environmental sustainability is, most Americans still find the electric car to be too costly and to have too limited of a driving range. These perspectives were held by many individuals interviewed at the Portland International Auto Show, for instance.

Auto Shows and Electric Vehicles: Similarities

Auto shows and electric vehicles have an important factor in common. Both of them frequently require shipping companies. A car show requires auto transport because new, sleek models of vehicles are not typically driven to an event – they must arrive in enclosed transport trucks that protect them from the elements. They must look impeccable when they arrive at the event, so they are sheltered from possible harm.

Electric vehicles, on the other hand, cannot at this point travel long distances because the technology has not yet been created to allow them to go long distances without having to plug into an electrical outlet. Therefore, if a business or individual wants to get a vehicle from coast to coast, they have no choice but to have a company ship it to the new location.

How the EV Market Has Changed

At the Portland show, it was all too clear how the electric vehicle market has evolved. Looking back to the 2009 show, the electric car options included tiny vehicles that went less than 40 miles an hour and an electric supercar by Tesla that cost six figures. At this year’s show, there were a number of reasonably powerful, fully electric cars alongside a variety of hybrids.

Of course hybrids can be driven anywhere because they contain internal combustion technology alternating with the electric power. If an individual has a completely electric automobile, though, their basic options to move it a long distance are to hire a company to move it from door to door or between storage facilities. The infrastructure just does not exist to go a significant distance, regardless if a customer could live with having to constantly stop for power.

Electric Vehicles and Auto Transport: Similarities

According to a representative for General Motors, the bottom line for potential electric vehicle consumers is just that: their personal bottom line. Very few people want to pay the cost for an electric car. The case with finding the services of an auto transport is similar. Everyone wants to get a great deal without feeling that they are overextending themselves.

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