Truck Sales Soar with Housing Boom
& Low-Interest Loans

Truck Sales Up!As the top adviser in the US helping consumers select low-rate services to transport cars, we watch the automotive marketplace closely. One reason, after all, that the car sector is a chief economic indicator is that so many other industries are tied to its success. Its financial health impacts many lives.

Happily, car and truck sales are flying high, hitting numbers not seen in several years. As a recent report in the Washington Post indicates, rising truck sales are particularly interesting to note. Trucks, sometimes used to haul construction supplies, are benefiting from a boom in home building. Additionally, the price of fuel is reasonably affordable and not expected to increase during the summer. As fuel prices stabilize, auto shipping quotes do as well, so this is an ideal time to transport a vehicle.

A Look at Recent Numbers

The sales figures on trucks from May provide a strong sense of how dramatically improved 2013 truck sales are, compared to those in 2012. Ford sold 31% more units of its F-Series than a year ago. Full-size pickup trucks at General Motors, meanwhile, were up 23%; the same increase was seen with Chrysler’s Ram trucks. Trucks, as you can see, are leaving sales lots at a fast pace. Quick decisions help all industries grow. For auto transport, speed also means careful efficiency on the road.

Until recently, trucks have been lingering in a surplus. The surplus has forced automakers to incentivize buyers with generous rebates. Now, however, it’s a seller’s market. Nonetheless, sales still do bring in throngs of car and truck buyers, with huge numbers pouring in for discounted pricing during Memorial Day weekend. Companies that transport cars also sometimes lower rates, such as our ongoing discount for members of the US military.

Loans Lower the Cost of Truck Buying

Regardless of the Memorial Day events, the average sticker price for each car sold throughout the month was almost $29,000. That is the highest it’s ever been. However, the interest rates on six-year loans were below 2.5% around the country. Also, the resale value of pre-owned cars is on the rise. Since trucks and other vehicles are retaining more of their value over time, leases are becoming less costly.

Buying a truck or car is complicated but can be simplified with quality information. The same is true when consumers look into how car transport works. It helps tremendously when an organization allows you to rapidly collect a number of credible options. At Autos In Transit, we give you up to eight quotes from carriers, all FMCSA-compliant, all bonded and insured. See the Free Quote box above to get started.