TSA May Search Your Vehicle if You Use Valet Parking

As the United States’ safest and most reliable source of cross-comparison auto transport, we are deeply concerned with the rights and responsibilities of car ownership. Security measures in our post-9/11 culture sometimes go head-to-head with the ideals of individual liberty, creating debates about limitations. The conflict between security and freedom is highly noticeable at airports.

Valet Parking Under SurveillanceAn example of security rules in action, unknown to many, is the ability of the TSA to search valet-parked cars. As reported by an NBC news affiliate in New York, the car of a woman flying out of the Rochester airport was searched after she departed – specifically because it was parked using the valet service. The confusing issue to the news team was why only valet vehicles would be subject to search. Understanding all the possibilities, such as search with valet parking, is also important with car transport. Reviews can help reveal potential issues.

TSA & Valet in Rochester

When Laurie Iacuzza flew back into Rochester and returned to her car, she discover the notice that her car had been searched. She became incredibly angry, saying she had not been informed by anyone that inspection might be a possibility. Decreasing the chance of unexpected actions in one’s environment is found in auto shipping as well: enclosed transport provides for more predictable transit.

TSA officials did not check the car themselves. Rather, valet personnel were instructed by the TSA to do so. When asked if all cars are subject to search, the TSA director at the airport, John McCaffery, explained: only valet cars are searched because they stand at curbside as the driver deplanes and makes her/his way to the exit. Sometimes that standing can last “a half hour or an hour,” per McCaffery. For those who would rather bring a car along than risk having it searched, look into vacation or snowbird auto shipping.

Valet Officials Don’t Always Alert Travelers

The NBC reporters saw a sign informing customers that their cars might be searched. However, according to Iacuzza, the sign was not in place when she left the car in Rochester. She felt that anyone using the service should be aware ahead of time that inspection might take place.

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