UK Union Study Finds Most Commute by Car

UK TrafficAs the most efficient and reliable source to find the best car transporter, we read and study auto news in the US and worldwide. One recent report that caught our attention was news about the high usage of cars in the UK for those going to and from their workplaces (as opposed to walking or public transportation).

The GMB, a general trade union in the United Kingdom, created the study. The figures give us a clearer and fuller grasp of the impact rising gasoline costs are making on household finances throughout the world. Cost-cutting is important when looking for services in any industry, one reason our competition-based affordable auto transport system is so highly regarded.

Car Commuting in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland

The GMB findings reveal that two out of every three members of the labor force in Wales and England use a vehicle to commute to their jobs, whether driving or riding in a passenger seat. In contrast, only 20% use a public transportation method, and only 10% walk. In our industry, when determining how transport of cars works, the vast majority of price-conscious individuals want multiple quotes (which is why we provide up to 8 for each request).

The GMB found a similar pattern in Northern Ireland, though even more pronounced. Over 80% of commuters there use an automobile rather than using other options. Cars are just as important in the lives of Americans as they are in the UK, so finding the most credible and legally-compliant car shippers is crucial when finding out how to ship to another state.

Fuel Costs in the UK & Quality Transport

The GMB’s release about the study also talked specifically about the high price of fuel in the UK. The costs of both diesel and unleaded gasoline have grown almost 100% there in the last ten years. For us, we see the effects of increased gas costs every day, so we knock down shipping charges as much as we can by pitting multiple carriers against one another to win your business.

At Autos in Transit, we know how hard it can be to balance financial expectations with the desire for the highest quality, most legitimate service. We provide both by pre-vetting all our carriers and providing pricing from each of them at one time. If you need to transport a car to Tampa or anywhere nationwide, simply submit the “Free Quote” form at the top of this page.