Auto Transport Brokers:
The Untruthful, Backstabbing Scams!

You may not understand why it is absolutely necessary to use auto transport brokers to find you auto transport quotes. Some auto transport companies fail to admit both auto transport carriers and brokers collaborate with one another to provide you with auto transport services. They must make an effort to create a positive auto transport experience. If any of the two makes a mistake, it could put a negative connotation on the auto shipping industry. Finding a trustworthy broker will lead you to finding a trustworthy car carrier.

Untrustworthy Auto Transport Brokers Turn and Burn!

Auto Transport Brokers: The Untruthful, Backstabbing Scams!In our 11 years of experience as brokers, we know the average auto transport quote is anywhere between $150 to $300. A broker suggesting a quote lower than $150 is most likely a wooden boy puppet with a cursed nose. It is the broker’s utmost duty to choose an auto transport carrier with an outstanding track record. They must be proactive by reviewing the carrier’s insurance, safety rating, transport route experience, and customer service policies. There is a lack of federal regulation, therefore, there are a handful of brokers that practice none of the above. Most of these turn and burn auto transport quotes priced at $75 to $125 per vehicle. Look out for these guys or gals because their main focus is to burn through quantity, eliminating quality. Essentially, they choose the cheapest carriers on the fly leaving you with more headaches. We try to help you by sharing this knowledgeable as a precation to choosing the right auto transport carrier.

Trustworthy Auto Transport Brokers Understand Quality.

On the other hand, the broker’s intuition to choosing an honest carrier is their pay scale. We all have heard this before, “You get what you pay for.” Quality service comes at a quality price. As you receive auto transport quotes from multiple brokers, you should always exclude the bottom half. If you receive eight quotes, nine out of ten times it will serve you better to choose the four quotes on the higher end. This helps eliminate carriers that do not respect the quality of the product they are transporting. In this case, it is your vehicle. Honest carriers will transport your vehicle at a current market price.

Let Our Reputable Auto Transport Brokers Work for You!

Remember, carriers are service providers as anybody in any other industry. Do not let someone try to convince you to transport your $30,000+ vehicle at a cheap price. Spending an extra couple hundred dollars sure will help secure the situation leaving it stress free.

Enter your information into the quote generator to your left, and let one of our reputable brokers do the work for you! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives at (800)595-2062.

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