Delaware Auto Transport & Car Shipping Services

Delaware Auto Transport | Car Shipping ServicesDelaware auto transport is, of course, defined by the roadways in Delaware – because that’s how companies like ours get in and out of the state. Let’s look briefly at that roadway infrastructure in Delaware. Then let’s look at a series of specifications you can use to better understand and compare car shipping options in Delaware and throughout the US.

Auto transport is standardized but has more variability than you might think. Factors differentiating one transport company from another include quality of service, experience/expertise, general credibility, legitimacy, and the range of types of transport offered. We also establish below how we stand out as the place to go to find the best auto transport Delaware has to offer – credible, affordable, and customized to your and every specific client’s needs.

Delaware Roadways

To get in and out of the state of Delaware, our transport trucks travel by the three major Interstate highways crisscrossing the state. Those Interstates are I-495, I-95, and I-295. Note that because we deliver directly between just about any locations (see below), we also use all the various state and local roads in Delaware to pick up and deliver cars.

Auto Transport Services Offered in Delaware

The services you will find in the state of Delaware are identical to those offered elsewhere in the United States. Beyond choosing your company, you have three basic questions you need to answer – type of shipment, optional containment, and optional insurance.

  1. Type of Shipment – There are two main types of Delaware auto transport (and we offer both of these two):

    1. Door-to-Door: Goes directly between two locations defined by you when you ask for a quote.
    2. Terminal-to-Terminal: Goes between two storage facilities, or terminals, which lowers your cost but means the shipment is less convenient (because you need to get to and from each terminal). Still, cost matters.
  2. Optional Containment – When you ship your car, you will have the option to either transport it out in the open or within an enclosed trailer. Again, this is a cost consideration. Essentially, think of shipping within an enclosed trailer like an in-transit garage. Collectible cars, auto show models, and others with treasured vehicles typically prefer this form of transport.
  3. Optional Insurance – You can add cargo insurance to any transport service. These policies vary in quality. All of ours range from $100K to $1M, have zero-dollar deductibles, and resolve all claims within 21 days.

Auto Transport Companies Operating in Delaware

One quick note on choosing companies and making sure they are as legitimate as the ones we represent. Make sure any provider you use is bonded and insured, as well as fully compliant with DOC and FMCSA regulations. This bottom line is established for all the companies we use and is extremely important to ensuring quality.

Auto Transport Quotes Available in Delaware

Hopefully that gives you a sense of what auto transport Delaware has available and how you can vet it appropriately to ensure you have a good experience with your car shipment. If you like, we can give you up to 8 quotes side-by-side right now. Each one is from one of the top businesses in the industry. We have been working with some of these organizations for more than 2 decades.

Let each of these companies give you their best offer, and decide for yourself who you want to choose. The online form above or you can call us anytime at (800)595-2062.

If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the expected auto shipping route, click on the Google Map of Delaware below:

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