Tennessee Auto Transport & Car Shipping Services

Tennessee Auto Transport | Car Shipping ServicesWhen you are planning to transport a car in or out of the state of Tennessee, you have several different parameters to consider. Essentially, they can be broken down into the types of services, companies, and quotes – or rates – that are offered. Each of these categories will be discussed below. The remainder of this page is essentially informational and will help you whether you work with us or not, but a quick word on us before we proceed:

Whether you need car shipping for Memphis, Nashville, or Knoxville, we have you covered. We offer full-service auto transport Tennessee residents and others use to get vehicles in and out of the state. Our commitment to quality and selection – giving up to 8 quotes for every single request – is unmatched in the shipping industry. Hence, we will note how each of the different parameters below applies to our offerings.

Tennessee Auto Transport Services

First let’s look at the various types of services you will find for Tennessee car shipping. These services amount to three basic choices:

  1. Enclosed Transport & Open Transport – Shipping your car out in the elements is standard. However, if you either really value a vehicle, or if you desire peace of mind regarding harsh weather or wrongdoer intervention, enclosed transport may be for you.
  2. Door-to-Door Transport & Terminal-to-Terminal Transport – Need Tennessee auto transport directly between two points? That’s easy: just give us the addresses of each “door.” Need to save cash? You can use terminals – a.k.a. storage locations – for pickup and delivery.
  3. Insured Transport & Uninsured Transport – You have the option to add cargo insurance to protect your vehicle on a shipment you are booking. This is similar to ensuring a package you are mailing, just with a larger item.

Notes related to us:

  • With us, you will get the best auto transport Tennessee has available. We offer all of the above services throughout the state of Tennessee – no exceptions.
  • Cargo insurance varies in quality. Ours is $100,000-$1 million of coverage, deductible is waived, and processing is fast – any claim submitted is resolved in three weeks maximum, guaranteed.

Tennessee Auto Transport Companies

Second, let’s look briefly at how to decide between different companies – not rates, but how to know you are working with a legitimate and credible Tennessee auto transport organization. Ask these two questions:

  1. Are they bonded & insured?
  2. Are they fully compliant with all DOT regulations, including FMCSA code?

Notes related to us:

  • We check the businesses for you – all of our partners meet the above qualifications.

Tennessee Auto Transport Quotes

Make sure that you can get quotes quickly and efficiently. These days, people are busy: we don’t have time to look all over the Internet and check all of the options and prices. Keeping that in mind, we created a system that allows you to get up to 8 competitive quotes at one time (hint: competition lowers your prices), from top-notch transporters we’ve been working with for over 20 years.

Get a quote now – via the two-minute form at top left, or by calling (800) 595-2062.

If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the expected auto shipping route, click on the Google Map of Tennessee below:

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