Texas Auto Transport & Car Shipping Services

Texas Auto Transport | Car Shipping ServicesWhen looking for auto transport companies, Texas has many companies and different types of services available. How, then, to choose the best option, to know that you are both getting a great rate but are also using a highly credible company that will treat your vehicle as its own – safely and securely – both on the road and when loading and unloading your car?

One consideration when looking for auto transport in Texas is making sure that you can get a great deal – that the rates are as low as possible. We make that a one-step process, with 8 companies we select specifically due to their record of success, customer-friendliness, and a proven record of experience in the Texas auto shipping industry. That means each time you request a quote, up to 8 first-rate companies are directly competing for your business.

What Types of Auto Transport Services are Offered for Texas?

There are three different selections beyond the company you choose when looking at auto transport companies in Texas. The first is the type of pickup and delivery you need. You can either use terminal-to-terminal transport – shipping your car between storage facilities – or door-to-door transport – shipping it between direct addresses.

Another selection you need to make for Houston car transport or other Texas locations has to do with how the vehicle is shipped. The options for types of shipping are open transport or enclosed, the latter of which protects the vehicle from the elements and enhances security.

Finally, you need to decide if you want cargo insurance for your car transport. Houston, Texas, and other Texas locations allow you the option to add cargo insurance ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000. The insurance carries no deductible, so it applies to any claim, regardless how small, and resolves all claims in a maximum of 21 days.

How We Select Reputable Auto Transport Companies

When anyone seeks quotes for auto transport, Texas offers a challenge, because it’s a competitive market. Reputability is crucial, though, because no one wants to entrust a vehicle to a company that is not legitimate or has a poor customer-service track record. We make the vetting process for Houston auto transport and throughout Texas easy for you by only working with companies that are both bonded and insured, as well as actively in full compliance with all federal regulations from the FMCSA and DOT.

As an example, when you search for “auto transport Houston, TX” online, you can’t immediately know what the various options are, beyond price. We take care of the credibility checking so that your process can be as simple and fast as possible.

Making the Right Choice with Auto Transport Quotes

As noted briefly above, we offer up to 8 quotes for you to choose from with any request you submit to us for Texas auto transport. Each of the quotes is a company we represent proudly – you maximize your chances of a positive experience by letting us vet on your behalf and suggest companies we’ve been associated with for over 2 decades. You want a great price, but you also want to make sure the quote is customized to your needs for transporting your automobile.

Houston, Texas, and other pickup and delivery locations throughout the state are competitive markets. Our one-step process to get 8 quotes from proven companies, all competing for your business, offers a simple way to make your decision. Get an instant quote now and, please contact us if you have questions at (800) 595-2062.

If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the expected auto shipping route, click on the Google Map of Texas below:

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