Vermont Auto Transport & Car Shipping Services

Vermont Auto Transport | Car Shipping ServicesMoving to Burlington, or otherwise need to find the best Vermont auto transport offerings? We know how difficult it can feel to look through options in what can sometimes feel like an esoteric industry, car shipping. If you have never shipped a car, or even if you have, it can be helpful to consider all the different factors and alternatives to ship your vehicle before determining the company, service, and quote you want to choose.

Below, we will go through each of those categories one after another: auto shipping companies – how to vet them for credibility and ensure your service is carried out competently and on schedule; all the varieties of services that are available; and how to get quality quotes in the state of Vermont without having to spend a whole day in the process.

Credibility & Competence: Vermont Auto Transport Companies

When looking through the alternatives for auto transport Vermont presents, the first and by far most important filter you can put on the numerous possibilities is legitimacy. Bottom line, you want to know you’re working with a legal and upfront outfit. Here are two markers you want to make sure are in place before working with anyone:

  1. Fully compliant with the DOT (and its subsidiary, the FMCSA)
  2. Bonded and insured.

A Plethora of Options: Vermont Auto Transport Services

So, once credibility and competence are established, what about the variables you can mix and match to customize the shipping of your vehicle? Here are the basics:

  1. Should you choose Enclosed or Open? When you explore the options for auto transport Vermont offers, this decision will determine whether you transport your car on an open or enclosed trailer.
  2. Is Door-to-Door or Terminal-to-Terminal Better? This is the choice between direct shipping and choosing storage facilities as endpoints.
  3. Is Cargo Insurance Worth it? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Ours has $100K–$1M of coverage; no deductible; and all claims resolved in 3 weeks.

Speed Rater: Vermont Auto Transport Quotes

When you get a quote for any service, you don’t want it to take forever. We try to make comparing rates easier by allowing you to do all your shopping around in one place. We aren’t just one company. We represent up to 8 companies for each quote request you submit—companies we’ve individually vetted and been working with for over 20 years.

If you’re in the market for Vermont auto transport, we’d love to help you out. Fill out the quick online form above now or give us a ring at (800) 595-2062.

If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the expected auto shipping route, click on the Google Map of Vermont below:

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