Virginia Auto Transport & Car Shipping Services

Virginia Auto Transport | Car Shipping ServicesRelocating to Richmond or Chesapeake, from Norfolk or Virginia Beach, or otherwise need a sense of your options for Virginia auto transport? This brief guide will give you a basic overview of what’s out there, along with some of the typical industry terms that are used, so it’s easier to make your decision. We will also provide a few quick details on ourselves as we go so you can consider us as a one-stop option.

To get an idea of what the range of possibilities for shipping a car into or out of Virginia is, we will follow a three-step process:

  1. Establish Credibility
  2. Determine Options
  3. Compare Rates.

Going through this simple three-step process, we believe, will make it easier for you to get a quote that fits your needs and work with a company that you can trust with your own car.

Step 1: Establish Credibility of Virginia Auto Transport Companies

The nice thing about establishing credibility is it’s very standardized: legit companies have a couple things in common. Working with us, you’re welcome to perform these vetting checks, but you don’t have to because we check these credentials ourselves. Any upstanding Virginia auto transport company has the following traits:

  1. Is in 100% compliance with all regulations (DOT/FMCSA)
  2. Is bonded & insured (2 forms of financial consumer protection when you work with an independent contractor such as an auto shipper).

Step 2: Determine Options for Virginia Auto Transport Services

Once basic legitimacy is established, it’s time to consider what options you want. Three basic standard options exist so you can customize the auto transport Virginia has available:

  1. Enclosed & Open Transport: Enclosure of a vehicle during shipment means that you are using a covered trailer rather than an open one.
  2. Door-to-door and Terminal-to-terminal Transport: Door-to-door shipping is a popular choice because it’s direct; however, you also have the option to use storage locations (aka “terminals”), which reduces cost.
  3. Cargo Insurance: Insuring your vehicle is just another way to make sure the trip is as safe as possible for your car. Great cargo insurance exists for this purpose. Ours has no deductible and resolves claims in 3 weeks max. The policies range from $100,000 to $1M.

Step 3: Compare Rates of Virginia Auto Transport Quotes

Finding the best auto transport Richmond, VA, and other Virginia cities have to offer, is finalized when you actually look at the different quotes. We make this final step simple, giving you up to 8 quotes from carriers we’ve been partnered with for over 2 decades. That’s fast and simple. Try us out by completing the quick quote form at the top of this page. You can also phone us at (800) 595-2062 if you have any questions. Thank you!

If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the expected auto shipping route, click on the Google Map of Virginia below:

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