Washington Auto Transport & Car Shipping Services

Washington Auto Transport | Car Shipping ServicesAs one of the most prominent companies in North America to ship vehicles, we have a vast amount of experience and expertise at transporting cars in and out of the state of Washington. Our system gives you full access to the best options for auto transport Washington state can provide, because we cross-compare eight different premium companies automatically. That way you have a number of high-quality services competing for your business at once, as opposed to just getting a quote from one company at a time.

Different Washington Auto Transport Services in AIT’s Catalog

You want to ask yourself three basic questions when you look into shipping a vehicle – these all apply to different categories of service available from our company. One is the locations that you want to ship the vehicle between. Another is deciding for or against enclosure. Finally, cargo insurance should be considered. Each of these three parameters is briefly discussed below and is available through any of the possibilities for auto transport Washington has to offer via our portal.

  1. Locations – between terminals or direct. If you ship between storage facilities, that is called terminal to terminal transport. If you ship between direct addresses, however, that is called door to door transport. Using the terminals can reduce your price – just make sure there’s one that is not too far away from you or from your final destination.

  2. Enclosure – Shipping the vehicle contained, called enclosed transport, protects from weather and potential security concerns better than does open transport. Protection versus cost.

  3. Insurance – Similarly along the lines of protection, you want to decide if cargo insurance makes sense for you. All the services for auto transport Washington provides through us allow insurance ranging from $100,000-$1 million of coverage. Any insurance claims are fully resolved in a maximum of 21 days, and there is a zero dollar deductible. That means you both don’t have to wait on the insurance, and you never end up in a situation with a minor ding that doesn’t exceed the deductible (meaning the entire bill never falls on you).

Washington Auto Transport Companies – How AIT Helps You Choose

Why are the companies we work with the best in the business? Two reasons – competition and care.

  • Competition: It never hurts to have eight different companies going after your business all at the same time. All this will do is get you a better price.

  • Care: We care about the companies we work with, and they care about us. This is a relationship of respect that has lasted over 20 years. Part of the foundation for that respect is that all our companies must comply with DOT and FMCSA codes across the board and maintain bonding and insurance.

Both competition and care lead to consistency, which means you get the best auto transport Washington state has to offer, every time.

Fast & Accurate Washington Auto Transport Quotes

Jump into our online portal now and give it a try. You will see up to eight different quotes for the best businesses shipping cars in North America. We have painstakingly selected each of these shipping partners. Allowing them to compete for you will get you a significantly lower rate than if you went to each company individually.

We pride ourselves on our fast and simple online system, but we would also be more than happy to give you a quote or answer any questions you might have by phone at (800) 595-2062.

If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the expected auto transport route, click on the Google Map of Washington below:

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