West Virginia Auto Transport & Car Shipping Services

West Virginia Auto Transport | Car Shipping ServicesNeed to ship a vehicle to Charleston from another state or from Huntington elsewhere nationwide? We provide up to 8 vetted options for West Virginia auto transport: you decide what’s right for you. Let us help you filter the different variables and hopefully reduce stress related to utilizing auto transport to ship your car.

Three essential categories can demarcate the industry for review as you move toward retrieving quotes and eventually accepting one. First, looking at the types of services available will help you decide how to tailor your shipment to meet particular needs. Second, checking a couple of credibility guidelines will ensure you work with a first-rate provider. Third, getting a number of alternative quotes will mean you get a fair price.

Tailored Transport: West Virginia Auto Transport Services

Here are six standard terms you will see, a quick glossary of terms so you know what you are seeing in drop-down menus and descriptions:

  1. Door-to-door transport: Shipping directly between two locations chosen by the customer.
  2. Enclosed transport: Shipping the car within a contained trailer.
  3. Insured shipping: West Virginia auto transport with optional cargo insurance (ours is high-quality: $100k to $1 million; $0 deductibles; and all claims resolved within 21 days).
  4. Open shipping: Shipping the car in the open air.
  5. Terminal-to-terminal transport: Shipping between storage facilities, also called terminals.
  6. Uninsured shipping: Shipping without cargo insurance.

Company Comparison: West Virginia Auto Transport Services

Two basic credibility guidelines can help you separate the wheat from the chaff, so you know that at the very least, you are working with a legal and reputable firm:

  1. Bonding and Insurance: This is important to have in place for consumer protection of any option for auto transport West Virginia offers. Always make sure your shipper protects you in this way (all our carriers do).
  2. DOT Compliance: Federal code – stipulations for federal commercial transportation – must be followed 100% by any shipper. You may also see the term “FMCSA-compliant,” which references the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s rules (a subset of the DOT).

A Look at the Numbers: West Virginia Auto Transport Quotes

We believe strongly in pitting various alternatives for auto transport West Virginia provides against one another. Free-market competition reduces your cost and increases the quality of the service you receive. That’s why we give you up to 8 to choose from, firms who have been our partners for over 20 years. Simply fill out the above form or give us a call at the above phone number for help with any questions. Good luck making your decision, and we hope you found this quick guide helpful!

If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the expected auto shipping route, click on the Google Map of West Virginia below:

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