US Fuel Economy Suggests It’s Time. Ship It!

In this segment we are briefly going to touch upon the subject of gas mileage, and how it has been affecting consumers in the United States. For the most part, the economy has been on a roller coaster ride, so to speak, since around the tail end of 2007.

The economy hasn’t settled down quite yet and for what it’s worth, having a new President in office has helped out in some ways, but we still have a very long way to go before we can see some level of steady recovery numbers.

Vehicle Production is Shifting to More Fuel Efficient Cars

Apparently the fuel economy has fluctuated as well, to the point where automakers have been building vehicles that take advantage of driving with less fuel so to speak. Let’s say for instance, we have an automotive company giant like GM that happens to build a large range of trucks that were meant primarily for shipping, and enclosed transportation purposes.

The way these trucks have been built recently has drastically changed. Whereas years ago the amount of auto fuel used on a daily basis was a lot higher than what it is today. The average mile per gallon rate in newer vehicles built in past two to thee years has gone up by at least 20 percent or the overall average of four miles to the gallon more.

Auto Makers are Evolving

Auto manufacturers have been making great strides when it comes to building and shipping cars and trucks that travel farther on less fuel, and this in turn affects the industry as well. This cost comes to pass, by means to ship vehicles that are lighter in weight and body mass. The lighter the car or truck is, the less the company spends to transport the same car from one location to another.

If you really take a moment to think about auto shippers, anytime that you’re on the road, and you see one of those trucks with about seven to 10 cars on its auto trailer, you have to imagine, how much more fuel would the driver use if those cars were really heavy? We mean, now that we take a slightly deeper look into this, shipping must have a lower cost than what they used to be, now that cars and trucks are lighter than before.

Hybrids Were a Great Start!

Now, let’s get back to the improved fuel economy of the automotive industry. As we mentioned before, vast improvements have been made in order to better benefit the general consumer. This new improvement has also included hybrid cars into the equation. Not only is the average gas, or petrol cars doing better, but hybrids are looking fabulous as well. The next step for the most part is to incorporate some of this great fuel savings into the shipping company industry.

We all know that trucking is what made this country what it is today. Since the early 1950’s trucks have been hauling freight, supplies, parts, materials, and even cars. The industry would not be where it is now without the truck being involved.

As it stands now, companies like Volvo are looking into ways to make the trucking industry more efficient. Better gas mileage is not just for cars anymore. In due time there will be trucks that will hauling fuel efficient cars to their new destinations, while achieving over 20 mpg themselves. This could save millions in fuel costs.

Ship Your Car & Save on Fuel!

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