Vehicle movers in Texas

Ever since we started moving vehicles in an out of Texas, businesses and individuals have benefited from a service that cross-compares consistent and reliable options throughout the auto transport industry. Additionally, Texans and those doing business in Texas have saved money on their needs for both door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal vehicle moves because they have been able to look at various services side-by-side, lowering their rates.

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A Car with no Driver

Since we work in the automotive industry, we often attend car shows and keep up with the latest automotive news – such as the reception of the Google self-driving car at February’s Texas Transportation Forum in Austin. Google is currently promoting their vehicle around the country, and they brought it to Austin so that those attending the event could see for themselves a vehicle that changes the way we think about driving.

The self-driving car itself was transported to the forum – brokers to transport the vehicle are called into service whenever a car needs to get from point A to point B quickly and efficiently, without the need for a driver or incurring wear and tear on the road. Deciding between one company and another to transport a vehicle typically involves poring over online reviews to determine the best company to pick up and deliver a car or a fleet of vehicles. It also means trying to find the least expensive type of transport.

Development & Reception

Google has been on a mission to get its self-driving car project greater attention, as well as to get laws passed to allow individuals to use it out on the roads. Google conducted research in conjunction with Stanford University to create the technology for the vehicles – research which has been ongoing since 2005 and involved approximately 9 previous prototypes. Google has been cleared by law enforcement officials to use the vehicle on Austin roads during their visit, though laws of the state do not allow widespread usage at this time.

California, Nevada, and Florida have already passed legislation making the self-driving car legal on roadways throughout those states. To convince legislators that the vehicle is safe and so that they can properly understand it, Google will be taking a number of them on demo test-drives. It’s notable that most states do not actually outlaw cars that drive themselves – until recently, that has not been necessary because the technology was not yet developed. The above three states specifically passed laws legalizing the vehicles to back Google’s project preemptively and ensure there is no confusion about the legality of cars with self-driving capabilities.