Very Bizzare Car Insurance Claims

Glad that's not my Porsche!We live in a world where those who own cars are constantly in need of insurance to cover those cars. Take for example, you have a man who owns and loves his 1965 Ford Mustang. Obviously, his car is his pride and joy and he would just about do anything for it, right?

Well, what would happen if this car was damaged in a very odd way? Of course he would have to put in his claim with his insurance provider then they would provide a list of transporters to move his car from where it was damaged to where it can be fixed, right? That is why we are here today.

Now, how many of you out there realize that car insurance and shipping your vehicle basically go hand in hand as the rates for transporting a car could actually be included? If not, then let us break it down a little.

When your car is damaged beyond the point of it being driven, it needs to be transported from one location to another. In other words, from where the scene of the damage/crime took place, to the local or chosen repair shop. It is that simple.

Let us give you another example of some foolishness that involves cars and how they need to be moved after the consequences of the moment.

A man has driven to an upscale dinner engagement to meet some friends in his 2011 Maserati Quattroporte. Shortly after handing over his keys to a trusted valet attendant, there is a very loud crash heard from the side of the restaurant. Apparently the valet driver of the Maserati thought he could emulate Vaughn Gitten Jr., and drifted his way into a 2010 Jeep Cherokee which in turn, rolled head on into a parked classic Porsche 356CS Coupe, totaling it. The moral of the story is, when you need to use valet, rent a car.

Now, let us look at this example for a moment shall we? For argument’s sake let us say that this incident took place in L.A. and all three of the vehicles involved now need to be towed, and or moved away.

The owner of the Maserati has called his insurance carrier and has requested a reliable transport company that’s relatively close and will provide the expedited transport he requires.

This service will take his vehicle to wherever he wants his car to go. The driver of the Jeep has a bit of a problem, his insurance is based in his home state of Ohio and now he needs to find a very cost effective way of towing his Jeep back there.

He will need to source a company that not only offers one of these – so that the Jeep won’t get rusty if it has to travel through inclement weather – but also the option to take his Jeep straight to his mechanic back in Ohio.

Lastly we have the 55 year-old owner of the totaled Porsche who is faced with a few decisions. One, he needs to find a towing company that will pick up what is left of his car. Two, being that his car was restored in Texas – the owner of the shop where it was built wants to see the car for himself – and now the remains of a classic have to be shipped hours Southeast to his home town of Austin.

An auto transportation company that provides, great prices, covered, and protected shipping, timely service, and can go across the country if need be, has to sourced.
These are the things that happen to everyday people who are normally not expecting the worst to happen to them. Life throws wicked curve balls, and all we can do as drivers is just try to adjust to what’s happening, and move forward.

So with that said, can you see how insurance, and transport companies go hand in hand? Hopefully, if you are in an accident, you won’t have to worry about shipping your car across the entire country. We hope that these little stories helped clarify some things that may have been floating around in the back your heads. So until the next one, be safe and keep it between the rails.