Vintage Car Owner Builds Levers Using 3D Printing

3D PrintingWe always like to hear about new developments in the automotive world, because it makes us better at providing services to transport cars. It’s not just knowledge-building for us as businesspeople but exciting for us as consumers to see new technologies changing the world. One recent example arrives from instructables (an innovation-sharing site originally based at MIT).

A user of the instructables site, madmorrie, originally had an outside party create new interior panels for his car, a 1962 Valiant. Unfortunately, the levers that lock the doors could not be reconnected. He had the choice to either have the levers rebuilt or get creative. He chose the latter option, turning toward car repair via 3D printing. Revolutionary technologies drive new business, while regulations (at their best) ensure safety; when seeking affordable auto transport, verify DOT compliance (or we can on your behalf).

Printing Parts in 3 Dimensions

Seeing what was needed was simple for madmorrie: he needed levers with an additional section so they could fit into the panels. He created a how-to guide on the instructables site describing how to do so. Knowing how to go about a task is simplified online; for transport, getting a sense of a variety of car shipping options becomes possible with a directory of auto shipping.

3D printing is not wise for every scenario: with larger parts, it can become quite expensive. However, for smaller parts like the Valiant levers, it can be more cost-effective to make than to buy a part. In fact, madmorrie spent less than $20 on low-grade plastic. Cheapest, as we know, is not always best, though; quotes for auto shipping are filtered for quality if the service you use is experienced (over 20 years in our case).

Steel vs. Plastic

Part of the plan with the levers was to keep costs as low as possible, as an initial test of the process. Before running into the problem, madmorrie had decided on stainless steel parts. Using affordable plastic allowed a low investment to try something new.

Costs are always a factor in any service consumers choose. However, we all know that when we’re protecting a valued possession, such as a car, we need greatness as well. If you need to ship a car to Florida or any US location, see the Quick Quote section above, and we will send you up to 8 quotes from great carriers.