Volkswagen plays electric vehicle catch-up
with two new models

Presenting the e-Golf and e-up!The automotive marketplace changes rapidly, and that’s becoming even more the case now that electric technology is becoming increasingly prevalent. We experience the fast rate of change in quality and affordable state-to-state car transport as well: the competitive landscape means carriers come and go. Working with Autos In Transit means benefiting from long-standing relationships.

Volkswagen has been a little behind the times as far as electric cars go. That’s all about to change with two new models, both of them part of the automaker’s 2015 lineup: the e-Golf and e-up!. Volkswagen is releasing two electric cars to meet the different needs of their customers. Similarly, our services to ship automobiles cross-country can be enclosed or open, as well as door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal.

Volkswagen e-Golf

The e-Golf is similar in appearance to the internal-combustion Golf. As with many electric cars, the transmission only has one speed. The distance the car can go before needing a recharge is approximately 80 to 120 miles. Parameters such as these make it easier to find a vehicle that is right for you. Similarly, consumers often use directories when picking out a car transporter, allowing them to get a basic sense of carriers before checking reviews and quotes.

The e-Golf is more energy-efficient than the standard Golf model is. Changes to the design decreased air resistance on the road approximately 10%. This car will make its way to the United States in the spring of 2015. Carmakers must be forward-thinking, preparing well ahead of time for any new product releases. The same is true when searching for a carrier or broker of nationwide auto shipping: preparation is crucial to making wise choices.

Volkswagen e-up!

This car, in a very basic sense, is a miniature version of the e-Golf. Though the car is little and light, its electric components are not as strong as those of the e-Golf. Hence, it can only go up to about 100 miles on a single charge. This model may never make its way to the US. It’s possible it will only be sold in Asia and Europe. Shopping for cars means visiting various automaker’s dealerships. When looking for prices to ship an automobile coast-to-coast, the process doesn’t have to be as time-consuming.

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