Volvo Among Companies Advancing Car-to-Car Communication

Car companies are banding together to expedite the development of shared technology that will allow motor-vehicles to interact with each other and with elements of the street equipment (pavement, signs, etc.) to help drivers avoid road hazards and generally increase safety. This technology will have manifold implementations; we will touch on several of these, including how it will allow vehicle transport companies to transport a car more effectively.
The CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium is a body of European firms in the automobile industry. The stated goal of the group is to create a shared system that will allow cars from all member companies to “talk” with each other by 2016.

The technology could help speed up motorists’ commutes by avoiding roads with accidents and alert drivers to ice on bridges with embedded sensors. More enticingly, communication between cars will provide speed and trajectory information so that we longer have to rely only our senses to avoid potential collisions. All relevant information will be included in a system similar to a vehicle transport directory, except that access will be shared among all users. On a basic level, the system will pull together geo-location or GPS technology into a Wi-Fi system. The consortium has access to its own wireless frequency to ensure uninterrupted data transfer.

Additional ways in which inter-car communication could be applied include the following:

Ideal Green Light Speed

This functionality will notify drivers the best possible speed to maintain to avoid red lights. It will also allow drivers to know the length of time until a light will change.

Emergency Vehicles Present

If an ambulance, fire engine or other emergency vehicle is in close proximity, the driver will know well in advance, regardless how loud the car radio is playing or other distractions. Any increase in safety on the road allows costs, including car transport rates, to decrease.

Construction Notice

Prior to arriving in a construction zone, drivers will have the option to detour and will know when and how speed limits will adjust.

Notice of Stopped Car

With this notice, drivers will know well ahead of time that a car is stopped or moving unusually slowly on the road or berm.

Notice of Traffic Jam

Similar to the construction notice, this allows drivers to redirect their trip to avoid delays. Higher efficiency on the road is another way this system will lower car transport prices.

Inclement Weather

Data regarding weather patterns will be fed into the system so that drivers can move toward safety if heavy precipitation or wind is on its way.

Speed Reduction Notices

This notification allows drivers access to speed limit and other sign information digitally – no more need to get that information from the roadside. Less focus on signs and higher focus on the road will yield more consistent safety for car transport brokers and all drivers.

Motorcycle in Vicinity

Motorcycles, due to their relative lack of accident protection, are specifically pinpointed to motorists so that they can operate with utmost caution.

Violating Red Light Notice

This notice triggers an alarm if a driver is about to go through a red light. It sends a similar warning if another car is not following right of way at an intersection.

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