New Volvo Device Charges Electric Cars 6 Times Faster

Volvo has announced a “fast charger” device that it will include in its C30 model. The device will allow the car to be fully charged in an hour and a half – significantly less than charging times on current vehicles. In today’s electric vehicle (EV) models, it typically takes ten hours to get enough juice to go a hundred miles. If you need to move an electric car across the country, you will want an easy way to compare transport options – so we will discuss that as well.

Recharging Now is Timely

Volvo!The electric car market has had difficulty gaining traction in large part because of the extreme time requirements associated with fueling the vehicle. This new Volvo technology could change the playing field tremendously, requiring competitors to scramble to follow suit.

Though the new and improved charger has been announced, it is currently unavailable on the marketplace – so we just have to take Volvo’s word on this for now. Rather than taking one company’s viewpoint when you look into auto transport, you can get a sense of third-party transport perspectives to base your decision partially on previous experiences of others.

Parking Lot Rechargers Increasing

Even at ninety minutes, carefree use of an electric car will require a significant increase in prevalence of charging stations. As their numbers increase in parking lots, it will be easier for individuals to juice their cars piecemeal as they run errands, eat dinner, or see a movie. Similarly, we want choosing vehicle transport to be quick and easy.

Changes Planned for Battery Efficiency

An additional difficulty for the electric car is that the batteries themselves have difficulties – they are both expensive and can only contain so much energy even when fully charged. These factors are expected to change, though it could take more than 10 years to fully take effect.

The changes will be to the same lithium-ion batteries currently installed in electric cars – as opposed to inventing an entirely new type of battery, which many had previously considered necessary. When moving your vehicle, it’s necessary to find a quality transport service rate.

Though electric car battery manufacture is not succeeding generally as an industry, Envia has developed a new version of the lithium-ion that doubles energy capacity; it, like the Volvo technology, is not yet publicly available.

We Ship Volvo’s, Too!

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