Using Wireless Technology To Track Car Production

Automated Car Production LineWe are a service that provides competitive quoting for affordable automotive transport throughout the US. As such, we learn as much about the industry as we can, and it is constantly changing. For instance, the new technologies of the 21st-century have had major impacts on the manufacturing process of automobiles, as discussed in a recent IT manufacturing publication.

Charting and coordinating where vehicles are as they move around a production facility can be difficult to organize. For that reason, Land Rover recently started using Zebra Solutions Vehicle Tracking & Management Solution (VTMS). This software tracks the newly minted automobiles to various locations where they are tested; their computers are configured; and in some cases, they are reassembled and rectified. Testing and checking is important in our industry as well: legitimate carriers transporting autos nationwide are DOT compliant, licensed, and bonded.

Lean Manufacturing – What Is It?

Land Rover is committed to “lean” manufacturing, and this software is an example of putting core lean principles into action. Essentially, companies committed to a lean process are thinking from the customer’s perspective at all times. If any aspect of production does not create value for the consumer – in other words, if a customer would not be willing to pay for it themselves – then it is removed from the process. We use the lean philosophy in our service transporting cars cross-country as well, ensuring that your time and the price you pay are always the ultimate priority.

The primary objective behind Land Rover’s efforts was to decrease “dwell times” –. periods during which a car is in limbo, manufactured but not currently progressing toward the marketplace. No one likes lack of motion. For example, some of our most loyal clients are snowbirds, who want their cars transported as they move between their summer and winter homes. Delays are unacceptable because the car must meet them at their destination.

How a VTMS System Works

Zebra software works by placing a transmitter tag (reusable component) in each car. The tag links to the VIN record, which in turn leads to all information in the system related to that vehicle. Physical tracking of the car is enabled by 130 Wi-Fi sensors – an integrated network that can pinpoint the location of any car throughout the plant.

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